Poland hasn’t been able to stomach factory-made homes since the Communists threw up so-called ‘panel’ housing estates of bad quality. 

And yet in its role as a manufacturing base, Poland supplies Germany and Scandinavia with off-site construction components for their thriving factory-made housing sectors. 

One Warsaw-based architecture firm is hoping to change the reputation of such construction methods at home with this stylish apartment block. BBGK’s eight-storey Sprzeczna 4 was built in the Polish capital from components made in a local factory owned by the development’s investor. 

“Sprzeczna 4 proves that the construction of prefabricated elements can be varied, original, interesting and unexpected,” says BBGK co-founder Wojciech Kotecki. 

Sprzeczna 4 is the first prefab building in Poland since the 1980s, Kotecki claims.. It’s caught the eye of the Polish government, which has set itself the task of providing more affordable housing. BBGK are the winners of a government-backed competition to design a prefab housing estate. If the architects get the design right, ‘panel’ housing might soon come in from the cold.