FURNACE is a digital magazine that champions industry.

FURNACE exists to celebrate the future of industry, where it’s going and the people taking us there. Industry is worth celebrating, worth understanding and worthwhile.

FURNACE is a quarterly publication that aims to champion all that is great about British Industry (and beyond) by looking at the people that make things and make things happen.

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The changing face of manufacturing.

Paul Lewis compares Nick Hedges evocative images of factory life with manufacturing today.

Something’s brewing in the Potteries.

A look at the seemingly ubiquitous Brown Betty teapot.

Joseph Cheaney steps up to the plate.

We discover that one 130-year-old British shoe manufacturer is investing in the future.

Our ten best factory tours.

Our pick of the UK’s best facilities opening their doors to the public.

King Cone.

We chart Oday Abbosh's journey from jet-setting management consultant to kitchen towel innovator.


Ensuring survival of your industry by funding your own apprentices.

A hole in one.

An East African inventor makes a break-through saw that makes square holes.

Polish prefab makeover.

If prefab housing has a bad image in the UK, pity the poor Poles.

Ruth Smeeth.

The Potteries’ MP is out to protect British-made ceramics from ‘bogus backstamping’.

The Construction Industry must innovate.

Mark Farmer believes it’s high time we manufactured a different future for home-building.


In the line of beauty.

Alastair Philip Wiper, the Copenhagen-based photographer, loves, lives and breathes manufacturing.

Taking a sledgehammer to engineering stereotypes.

Award-winning chartered electrical engineer Kerrine Bryan challenges perception.

Making An Impact: London’s Factory Buildings.

What makes a great cityscape? Glorious factories, according to Lukas Novotny.

London Industry Needs You.

Mark Brearley makes the argument for keeping factories in the city.

Can-do attitude.

Stu Wilkinson is that rare breed: a fourth-generation London industrialist.

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Industrial.

A focus on the capital's industrial land.

Liquid Gold.

The vaping industry may be in its infancy, but it’s already punching above its weight.

Dairy Queen.

Razan Alsous talks about her journey from Damascus to ‘Yorkshire Squeaky’.


Meet the engineer behind Ocado.

Mark Fryer’s systems have helped make Ocado the world’s biggest online supermarket.

Jennifer Newman designed her first table for her own garden.

Now her furniture sits in the offices of Nokia, Google and Amazon.

Where would we be without Data Centres?

As modern life gets more digital, data centres are mushrooming across the globe.

Bespoke, Made-to-order, Handcrafted.

Terms that now apply to that classic Summer’s day stalwart: the Ice Cream Van.

Excessive packaging has given itself a bad name.

How can businesses grab this opportunity and deliver a packaging sea-change?

Face Furniture Fanatic.

How does someone go from being a rock musician to making hand-crafted eyewear?


How could the Government’s new apprenticeship levy be better?

Magicking Ideas into Manufactured Goods.

A London design firm has perfected the art of bringing start-ups’ concepts to market.


From mountainside to mass production.

Upscaling China’s age-old crafts for a wider audience.

Charlie Bigham.

Keeping his cottage-industry ethos when his cottage pie business is booming.


After years of development the city commuter’s friend is going electric.

Many Unhappy Returns.

Ingenious advances in reverse logistics coming to the rescue of customer returns.

Raising the Bar.

Meet Slough’s answer to Willy Wonka at work in the Mars test kitchen.

Tomorrow’s Factory Tour.

The fourth Industrial Revolution is digital.


Nick Grey’s Gtech.

The unstoppable ideas factory with global ambitions.

Dark Kitchens

Why is restaurant food relocating from the high street to the industrial estate?

Blenheim Forge.

How did three guys studying design and engineering end up forging cutting-edge knives?

Building a Maker Database

Setting up an online database to encourage creatives and creators to get together.